About: – Philip G. Coggin

I was born in 1945, January to be more precise.
The world had by that time since 1939 suffered a war of such devastating proportions, my own city and town Kingston-Upon-Hull was positively one of the most damaged cities in the UK.
In Hull it is recorded that we lost 90% of our buildings and our infrastructure was so badly damaged that with only a few exceptions with regard to Hull’s heritage, it was almost rebuilt.
I have lived my entire life to date in the city, and although my city takes a great deal of stick from both television and the press it is not such a bad place to live.
It seems that when there is a negative statistic needed to explain something then Hull is the place to look.
I am not saying that Hull is the bee’s knees but it is not any where as bad as it is made out to be either, mainly these negative comments are made by people who more often than not have never even been to the city and therefore do not have the right to comment.
We have the largest park in Yorkshire and if you do not find something to interest you in that then you really have little interest in life itself.
Our main entry roads to the city are kept so very beautiful and well planted “Thanks go to our council workers for that” there is a stunning array of different plants and flowers, when in bloom these really are a need to see.
One thing I can say without fear of contradiction is “When visitors have seen our city they love it and they usually want to come back. It is said by most who visit Kingston-upon-Hull that it has some of the most friendly people in the UK, I know that is true because I am one of those people.
Well enough about the city what about the man: I attended three schools, Stoneferry Road Juniors, Chapman Street Boys School and then again I was moved onto my final school, Mersey Street High.
I don’t know if it was anything to do with me but all of these schools have since been pulled down.
I left Mersey Street School at the ripe old age of fifteen years; I then almost instantly was thrown to the lions when I started work.
In those days there was a television programme called Cheyenne, a Western about a cowboy who roamed the west but would never settle down. I had a great deal in common with the part about not settling down, because I had more jobs than what was known in those days as the Dole Office, you went there to get jobs and you signed there when out of work for unemployment pay.
I loved the starting work and the newness of the job, I was seriously interested in what I could learn about a job but I soon lost interest in it once I had grasped most of the basics.
I worked in so many different fields and types of work but I must admit that I enjoyed almost all of them.
I was quite a tyrant in work I suppose and I would stand up for my fellow workers, even so they often were lacking when it came to standing up for me.
My biggest or should I say longest work spell was that of self employment.
I trained as a plumber with my father in-law of my first marriage, he had been employed in the business for more than twenty years and at first we installed heating into my first home when I married his daughter. During that time he said to me one day why don’t you do this self-employed, he said you are a natural at this job.
So I did exactly that and I was a self-employed plumber heating engineer for eleven years, a job I loved especially when it came to fitting kitchens for a large supplier of kitchens in our town.
When my self employment came to an end I moved into the security business and became a guard, I worked with several firms and I must have been reasonable at the job, since they all wanted me to go back to them after I left those individual companies employ.
My hobbies are: Obviously whether you like it or not writing, Travel, natural history and photography and I build computers for a pastime too.
The books written so far are mentioned on the other accompanied web pages.
So I was born the third child of my mother and the first child of my father George, mother Everlyn had been married before and then met my dad.
Later about one year and three months along came my sister followed on two years later by my brother.
Dad was a long distance lorry driver and he had been born to a very large family, whilst mother was born into a family smaller but even so she had two brothers and a sister, her sister being eleven years her senior.
In those early years just after the war life was very difficult for parents then, although we were better off financially than some my mother still had great difficulties trying to make ends meet.
Food was at that time quite scarce and it was also quite expensive too, the other problem was that if you bought most anything you also had to produce a ration coupon as well, and since they were allotted in meagre amounts you had to be very careful how you used those ration coupons.
Food had always been a problem even before the war; my dad suffered rickets mainly attributed to a serious lack of vitamins and other important nutrients.
As did every one in those days we struggled on and got by as best we could, and in doing so the greatest memory of those times now is how every one got on much better and how they helped one another, people are so different today.

I find that I love people watching and to be truthful they really do fascinate me, but the problem that I find I have is when I really get to know people in any depth I lose interest in them. I have very serious beliefs in honesty, integrity and loyalty and I often find these things lacking in others, not that I am trying to fool any one into believing that I am perfect because I know that I am not. It is a fact that I do not have many friends and I find that the best people for me are those I meet briefly as on holiday. I tend to get on far better with those folks that I meet for a short time, like those you sit with in a bar abroad or sit having breakfast with in a morning whilst on holiday. I really have had some truly great experiences talking to people on holiday, like for example I once met a gentleman of 92 years who had been a test pilot. I met a lady on a coach trip once and she was of German origin and apparently she had quite a reputation in the field of poetry, she wrote a very charming and funny piece for and about me.

Still at time of this writing (2014) I have reached the ripe old age of 69 years and I certainly don’t recommend getting old, although it does have a few benefits.

In conclusion I cannot say that it has been easy being me, I have had many a fall and have picked my self up so many times that if I were a prostitute I would be able to retire to a life of luxury.

THIS BIT ADDED 16/12/2016 – Just thought it a good idea to mention how my life has changed since my wife decided to leave. Being on your own at my age now 71 years old is a very lonely place indeed. Nothing about life in 2016 is what you would call similar to my earlier times. People do not have the sort of respect we used to take for granted and being lonely has become a major part of my life now as with many older people. Getting older has many draw backs,mainly those of reduced energy and generally a lack of fitness, with quite some lack of I suppose self esteem and confidence too. Confidence is essential and when most of us have it we don’t really realize it until we begin to loose it. It is surprising how a lack of confidence reduces your life possibilities and hence reduces your quality of life. At time of writing this I have been on my own for now 6 years plus (Date of writing as above) and I find that I suffer rather of boredom and lack of things to do, even lack of the ability to do some things I used to find easy to do is quite upsetting and hard to accept.     As written below, I have found that since being alone, I have lost the need to write and my book referred to below has come to a halt, after some 60 chapters I just don’t seem to be able to write anything these days. (With the exception of this small addition) So that’s it really just to update the pages a little and in some way trying to help you the reader to come to terms with getting old. Try to keep your friends and they may help to steer you along the path of life. Even saying that I have lost almost all of my friends, mostly age related but moving location has not helped either. Those friends that remain are now quite elderly and also distant too, so only get to see a Christmas card from them now. Age is not something that I have ever wanted to become a member of, but like everyone else I had no choice in the matter so think on! You are getting older too as each day passes, so treat the elderly with respect. Something the government should think about urgently now!

I am at the moment writing something totally different to anything that I have approached before, briefly about a boy with an undying love for nature, how he gets past his family problems and makes good.

Watch this space!  >>>>>>>To find my books go to: http://www.amazon.co.uk – Then type in the search bar – p g coggin

Just thought I would add this little note here.

I have started writing childrens stories, yes can you believe it even I find that hard to believe. I never thought that I would write such stuff but one thing is for certain – I really enjoy writing fairy tales and other short stories for kids. There are few restrictions and you can write almost anything you like, obviously sticking to acceptable convention and nothing that is unsuitable for children. So there you have it I am really enjoying doing this, must have gone back into my second childhood but what the hell, it makes me happy writing for kids it’s fun. Dated: 31/01/2017


 My email address – pgc1@pgc1.karoo.co.uk


Just a quick and I hope an amusing poem entitled:

Getting old

As the numbers of your years are rising but by the day you feel more bold
You have been told to leave your job – Yes you’re getting old!

You used to weed or dig the garden or replace a broken door or repair that hinge
Now all you need to do is reach for your screwdriver or spade and your back begins to twinge

Trying to keep all the old sufferings to your self is not an easy task
Because when you are required to help in some way so many questions keep being asked

Why have you not done this or that and did you mend that thing
How long will it take you to do this task? – How long is a piece of string?

You bend over in the bathroom to pick up a piece of soap or maybe you dropped a pill
Getting down there was very hard but getting up is more difficult still

Your aches and pains are everywhere sometimes and they can be with you all the day
Should you take a pill or just forget about them perhaps they’ll go away

Eating breakfast used to be a pleasure a mug of tea and toast soon after leaving your bed
Now all you eat seems to bloat you and lookout the wind is getting up so better find something to do in the shed

Some of the things you used to do all day you now realize that there is no hurry
Although you try to do your best you still can’t help but worry

Often life seems grim and you feel down in the mouth
Then when you look at what used to be quite firm has all started moving south

Eye sight is becoming misty and things don’t seem so defined and clear
As well as that you also find that many things you just can’t hear

The oils in your skin seem to be lacking and your face and scalp are beginning to flake
But that’s not half of your worries because everything else has started to ache

I used to have patience of plenty but people’s behavior now seems the pits
Most of the things that other people do have a habit of getting on my tits

My patience is wearing thinner and my moods leave a lot to be desired
If I was working as I did before then by now I would definitely get fired.

Arms and legs are a little bit stiff and fingers don’t move like they should
And if I could do those things as I did when twenty then yes I’m sure I now would

I know I’m still here and I shouldn’t let all of these things get me down
But it doesn’t help when most of your friends have been taken to the dead center of town

Now sex is for putting potatoes in and my dreams have all long gone
But if I could get back any one of these things that I lack then love would be my number one.

 Copyright P. G. Coggin.


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