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Below is a brief introduction to all three of my publications, these are published in paperback and they are also available on the Kindle digital reader.
All are available at and several other none UK Amazon addresses.
If you put in a search for my publications the easiest way to find them is to enter: p g coggin – That will lead you to all of my books in one place.

                                                                                                  Family Foes Walls and Wealth

The story of a man who finds that his family suddenly grows slightly and his wealth significantly too, but both are much unexpected.

Along with that growth to his wealth are problems that mount up too and those difficulties have to be over come for his businesses sake.
The man recruits two others to help with his new business, a business that is now worth many millions of pounds. There are a number of things to be learned along the way that are associated with his wider family, and not all of what he learns is either expected nor is it at all pleasant.  The war and relatives begin to show the bleaker side of the human being and how greed can incite some people to kill.

South Corner Farm

South Corner Farm has been in the Greenland family for more than three hundred and fifty yP1030683ears, is that tradition about to end?
The family have had to diversify to enable the farm to continue which has meant live-in guests, but who will stay there?
Is everything really what it seems on the farm or is there some unknown entity, something has kept this farm ongoing for so long where others have changed hands and been sold off?
What makes this place so interesting to its visitor and why do some keep on coming back?
The local people seem to feel very comfortable with the farm and what outsiders learn is going on there but why?
So many simple questions and no one seems to want to give answers to them.
What has happened to the old tramp (Old Gadger) he used to be seen frequently in the area, now he is hardly seen or he has moved somewhere else?
The village is not as quiet and innocent as it at first appears.

From Autonomy to Subordinate

The story of how a man and his family find themselves totally without all of the things that they never believed that they would lose, but also how they find that they become absolutely dependant upon a people who no one ever thought existed.
A very primitive tribe, who so far have managed to survive for thousands of years,
without the intervention of people outside of their own kind.
An aircraft comes down in a valley area of the Amazon jungle, a valley that has isolated a people who have had to invent P1030682their own way of living over their time of existence, this they have done for so long. They have a structured system within their kind that works very well.
A story of how a very important man and his family find themselves in the hands of a people who do not speak their language nor do they even know from where those strange white people came.
A people who beyond their tribe and its territory have no real concept of the rest of the world at all.
How the tribe survive is plain and simple because they use what nature has to give them and they have done so for generation after generation.
The materials and animals that live and surround them are their source of survival and they thank their ancestral beings who came before them for the constant supply and its diversity.
It is a story of how a man and his family learn that from a very shocking and uncomfortable beginning, it is not all about what you have nor is it about what it is worth.
When faced with the almost totally unknown it is not just the animals that are a threat.
They learn skills and ways to survive but more importantly they learn about how to care for each other, they thought they had that skill when they set of but they find out that some feelings are far too superficially ignored.
It comes as a surprise when they eventually find that they may well be rescued that they most certainly will miss all that they have learned and also those whom they have met during their adventurous learning curve.
When they charter a flight for Bernie the father to attend a business meeting and things go wrong they do not know just what is in store for them, and a baby complicates things even more.


Thank you for reading my books introductions and I hope now you may feel you are interested in them and that you feel that you can justify buying one or more of them.

To find my books go to: – Then type in the search bar – p g coggin


There is a children’s short Story, for the age range of between 4 and 10 years old with the title of  ‘Joe the Giant’ – Joe the Giant is big but very gentle, and he befriends a little boy who desperately needs a friend.
The story is given for you to entertain and hopefully encourage your child or children to read and gain an interest in the nature that surrounds them and to appreciate friends.

I must warn you here though, you have to believe in Giants to read this bedtime story.

All that is needed for you to do is email me at: and I will send it as an attachment.

**I promise that your email address and any of your personal information will never be used for any other purpose.**

**Please when receiving my childrens story via email do not sell copy or distribute it in any way it is for your personal use only.**

Highlight it, copy and paste it into a word processor (Libre Office Writer or Microsoft Word) this should let you print it out for reading at bedtime.
I hope you and your children enjoy my story.

Copyright P. G. Coggin.


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