The Thinking Tree.

I stand here waiting oh! how long that has been
If I had a memory you would be amazed at the things that I’ve seen

I have watched nature breed and die as the days go from sunny to snow
And flowers that carpet the ground I stand on as the seasons come and go

I have seen men who have loved and killed in the blink of an eye
And when it’s all over I stand there, keep my silence and cannot even sigh

I see war and peace as it happens close by
Men don’t learn from their mistakes they should all wonder why

I may have been put here deliberately or planted by birds or such
There is nothing on earth that lives as long without human touch

We stand there so tall and mighty and proud
Not everything big and strong has to be loud

The forces of natures wind sway me gently or forcibly as they blow
Luckily I’m resilient and with the wind I bend just waiting for more

I am home to many creatures and a source of food for them to procure
The material I am made of is invaluable I’m sure.

Some of my species grow fast, straight and tall
Then along comes the axe man and several of us fall.

We have been a sauce of material for many a year
That is probably why most of us are still today here.

There are other uses apart from our trunk made of wood
We breathe in carbon dioxide other impurities and give out oxygen for mans good.

There is little more important thing growing than us trees that’s for sure
And men should learn quickly to plant and nurture many more.



Once we have it given we simply have to go on
Yet we all take it for granted every single one

We go through it most of the time not really knowing why
But do we make the most of it as time is flashing by?

Most go through it missing the important things that are to be found
If only we could take more interest in the beauty all around

Man is so small in its vast untapped schemes
Though most of us never realise or pursue our hopes or our dreams

Our goal seems to be to further our species and exploit where we can
But this place we occupy is not unique only to man

It comes in a very short time to us and is given by our best friend
But in the twinkle of an eye it can just as swiftly end.

Copyright P. G. Coggin.


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